Qigong Instructor


My name is Joyce Doeve, Qigong Instructor.

I have worked in administration for over 25 years. Due to the rapid digitization, I realized that I was moving less and less. In the past there were still activities that you could get off your chair for a while, but now everything is mainly behind the computer. In addition, motherhood, kids, household.

I had physical complaints. Stiff muscles and joints, fatigue, low energy, sore eyes, headache, poor sleep, mood swings. Stress! Doing too many things at once and only performing and performing everything perfectly. I had to listen to the signals from my body and do something about it. I was on the edge of a burnout.

I needed peace of mind and wanted more energy. Have the opportunity to recharge my battery and get back to myself. Becoming aware of my own body and making sure that these symptoms disappear.

First I decided to travel. During a trip through the Amazon region in South America, I came in contact with an Indian tribe who lived there. I lived with these special people for a week. What really touched me was their connection with and respect for nature. The energy with nature. For example, I have experienced a sweat lodge session and experienced a shamanistic ritual. The Indians showed me which plants and herbs were medicinal and how important it is to take good care of mother nature. I soon got the nickname “flower” from the Indians. After this trip I suddenly had so much energy that I wanted to do something with it.

That is how I came to Qigong because of the philosophy behind it but also because this ancient movement theory came from dancing shamanic rituals. I have always had a fascination for Indians, but also for Eastern martial arts.

I started with Qigong in 2016 and followed a study with Ron Wiggers from the Tao Chi Qigong Academy in The Hague. In 2019 I obtained my certificate for instructor Qigong. Begin 2023 i obtained my selfmastery certificate from the Shaolin Tempel Europe in Germany Otterberg.  Now i am student of Daisy Lee and specialize myself to become a Radiant Lotus Qigong Instructor.

The first time I practiced Qigong, I immediately felt the energy flowing through my body. This was what I was always looking for and now I can share my knowledge of this beautiful ancient Chinese movement theory with others.

Since I practice Qigong daily, I feel more vital and energetic. I’m more balanced. More creative, experience less stress, feel more calm in my head and sleep better. Qigong has become a “way of living” for me.